Talking Boxes

It’s no real secret that among the companies that I have opinions about is Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, their service is extremely convenient and comprehensive. I do purchase a lot of things from Amazon purely because many of the more menial things in life I don’t really enjoy going to the store to pick it up myself.  I feel guilty every time I do, and in a perfect world there would be a means for my local stores to provide the same kind of service and convenience and would be the rightful recipient of my hard-earned money.

That being said, this is not a post about my objections to Amazon’s corporate leadership. Rather a simple observation about Amazon’s annual holiday advertisement. This year, like last, they revived the “talking boxes” ads.  Unfortunately for Amazon, this year’s is much less inspiring.

Quick Rewind to 2017:

What I love about last year’s is that it does an excellent job of evoking emotion – a sense of love and connectedness to be furnished and carried forward by the machinations of Amazon’s global reach.  It’s cute. The music is good and inspiring.  It’s a great ad.

Then, there’s this year’s…

Not nearly the same effect. The ad tries to incorporate some of the same imagery used, but in a way that resonates much less – at least with me. Rather than following the thread about how someone used Amazon to do something special for someone half-way around the world, we just have a bunch of singing boxes and people dancing around.  It’s chaotic! Further, short of reading in between the lines of the lyrics it’s hard to really connect what they’re trying to convince you of in the ad.

I suppose they probably did some market research to figure out what resonated with their target audience. (Just kidding! I worked for an digital agency, they don’t usually bother with it!)

I give credit where credit is due, and last year Amazon really nailed it with their holiday ad. This year, not so much.

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